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Speaking of washi tape, what do you think of?

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Speaking of washi tape, what do you think of?

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Ordinary transparent plastic used in peacetime? Large roll of yellow tape when sealing?

Stop! Of course, what I want to say is not these tapes that have no value at all.

The beautiful and connotative paper tape is the protagonist I want to say today.

Japanese washi tape

Friends who are familiar with the account should be familiar with it.

Fill in the blanks, divide the area, mark, sort out the list... It should be considered an all-rounder in the hands of the account.

However, the decorative hand account is just the introductory game of paper tape. You must know that in my hand, a roll of paper tape can make the explosion-proof cups become custom-made, and the house can be decorated to create a personalized space.

Today, I will give you a "paper tape practice cheats" to ensure that after reading it, it will be "stunned".

Sticky and revealable, simple home DIY

【Wall decoration】

As early as before, I have mentioned the wall decoration. If you want to cover the smudges on the wall, the paper tape can help you.

Unlike our usual tapes, paper tapes are not only patterned in a variety of colors, but also can be repeatedly pasted without leaving traces.

Sticking the photo on the wall with paper tape, the sticky error can also be peeled off and then glued, it is simply the gospel of the renting party.

washi tape printing

Draw the desired pattern on the wall and outline the pattern with colored tape. The white wall instantly became interesting.

It's much more worrying than painting and wallpapering. If you don't like it, just tear it off.

Be careful, don't let the air run in when you stick the tape on the wall, or there will be bumpy bubbles.

【glass container】

Have to say that paper tape and glass are a perfect match!

Whether it's a cup, a bottle or a jar, just add a little "play" to them with tape, and it will look good and fresh.

A glass that is easy to “crash” with others can be made special by attaching paper tape.

After the glass candlestick is attached with paper tape, it is more eye-catching.

washi tape


I suspect that the old lampshade at home is dull and monotonous?

Paper tape is sent to save low-value old things.

A variety of tapes are attached to enhance the style of the home.

The small light string is affixed with paper tape, is it more warm and lovely?

A versatile thing in the stationery industry -

Even if you return to the stationery industry, it is a versatile thing like paper tape.

Stick the tape on the paper clip and cut a triangle with scissors. The little paper clip suddenly became chic.

Many people like to use a twine to wear a small wooden clip to clip photos, but the monotonous small wooden clip always makes people feel less.

After attaching the paper tape, the literary atmosphere immediately came to the surface.

The long tail clip for office use can also be decorated with paper tape.

Really how to play is not greasy!

washi tape printing

Having said that, there are certainly many people who have been quietly planted.

If you want to buy tape and try to play, Xiaoxi suggests that you can buy tape first.

This not only saves money, but also puts all you want to buy.

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